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Nirvana Memorial Garden is not just a place where the ashes of the departed lay to rest but is also a memorial garden with fully equipped facilities, beautiful environment and exemplary service from the heart; that serves to provide peace and comfort to both the departed and their family.

In accordance with the Chinese funeral rituals and adherence to the relationship that defined Chinese tradition that recognizes and prioritizes the “virtues of filial piety”, together with the inclusive religious cogitation of Buddhism, we provide the following worship and prayers services:

Prayer Services within a Year of the Newly Departed:

From the moment the ancestor passes away, funeral prayers and rituals follow in the way of Chinese traditions. We had researched in depth, especially in the modern Singapore society today, in eliminating unfavorable elements while preserving a traditional virtue that is in pace with the ever changing modern concepts to provide a full range of funeral prayers and services:

  • Settling the spirit of the departed
  • Paying respects and offerings to the spirit of the departed
  • Ending of mourning period to the spirit of the departed
  • Shi Jin (Bone Picking, the relocation of remains)
  • Changing of Urn
  • Interment of Urn (Moving of urn into niche)
  • Settling in to the ancestral tablet
  • Zuo Qi
  • 100-day
  • Anniversaries
  • Dui Nian
  • 3rd Year

Subsequent Prayers (Chinese Festivals and Ancestors’ Birth and Death Anniversary):

In addition to funeral prayers for the newly departed, Chinese families also pay respects to ancestors during various Chinese festivals, birth anniversary and death anniversary. We provide such subsequent worship and prayer services:

  • Birth anniversaries
  • Death anniversaries
  • Qing Ming Festival
  • 7th Month
  • Chinese New Year/Yuan Xiao Festival/Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Winter Solstice

Offerings or Prayers to Avert Misfortunes and Sufferings:

  • To pray for longevity and prosperity
  • Candle-lighting Blessing Ceremony
  • To transcend the infant spirits
  • Resolving of Karma debtors

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